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Our Birds are reared in both indoor deep  indoor deep litter and outdoor range and in line with organic standards. For optimum quality of their meat  and eggs, appropriate space is created for them to roam and they are fed with organic feeds with adequate supply of vegetables and water and reduce the stress the birds are put under.

Our products include:

Chicks, Grown birds, Eggs 

Fish Farming

Our Fishes are reared from birth to adulthood by our well trained staffs so as to maintain organic standards and to ensure that they are exposed solely only to organic inputs that we can affirm and certify are good for the optimum growth of their specie throughout their life cycle. Presently, our Fish farm breeds two species of Cat-fish ( Hetrobranchus and Clarias). 

Our hatcheries are well sanitized regularly to ensure that they are free from microorganisms and infections which may pose as danger to the eggs and fingerlings. Our ponds are well calibrated and maintained to ensure optimal conditions. 

Our farm also produces well oven-dried Catfish that goes through a hygienic and safe process. They are also very tasty with great flavor all for our respected clients. 

Snail Farming

Snails, beyond being an excellent source of protein, they are nutritious, loaded with iron, vitaminB12, Omega-3, Magnesium and others vital for our human existence and consumption.

Our snails are highly recommended for consumption as they are reared on well treated soil and precautions are taken to repel pests and maintain a sanitized habitation for the snails thereby, enabling them grow to their full potential and maintain good health.

Snails can be sold fresh as well as frozen.


Organic Farming

For Organic farming, we cover a range spanning from fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, pumpkin leaves, efo, ewedu, spinach, etc.

We maintain great agricultural standards in ensuring the health of our organic products. Proper fertilization and pest management measures enable our products blossom to its full potential.

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