We have been Providing fresh and organic products for our 2000+ customers since inception.

fish meal

Fish Meal Products

Our Fish meal products are targeted at providing the balanced nutrition needed by farmed fish. The feeds, in the form of granules or pellets, provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.


Poultry Products

Our Poultry products are a high-protein commodity which helps our consumers maintain a healthy life and well articulated measures are taken to ensure that they maintain exceptional quality and freshness for the benefit of our respected consumers.

smoked fish in oven

Oven dry cat fish

Our oven dried Cat Fish are well recommended for consumers as they are of great quality, dried under the right temperature and delicious. Safety measures are taken to ensure that they are free from infestation of germs.


Our snails are highly recommended for consumption as they are reared on well treated soil and precautions are taken to repel pests and maintain a sanitized habitation for the snails thereby, enabling them grow to their full potential and maintain good health.

Organic Products

We maintain great agricultural standards in ensuring the health of our organic products. Proper fertilization and pest management measures enable our products blossom to its full potential.

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